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Folkscanomy: Fringe and Off-Center
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Mick Beck- Bassoon  Jessie Harper-  baby Harp / keyboard/ melodica Bun Maroon- Acoustic guitar Ollie - keyboard 
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Topic: gravy disco plop stomp
Community Audio
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Evil Dick "The OTL Show Theme" 1:51 Loopy C "Snow Drums vs. Solstice Circuits #31" (SoundCloud, xi -2018) 3:24 Frank Zappa "Ship Ahoy" Osaka 3- ii -1976 Shut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar (Barking Pumpkin, 1981) 5:20 AMM All-Stars feat . Robert Goldsmith on baritone sax "Processual Sewage Plant Plant" Cruet Stand vs. Brexit 13- iii -2019 6:00 Esther Phillips feat . Mike Brecker on tenor sax "Pure Natural Love" For All We Know (Kudu, 1976) 5:18 Duke...
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Topic: otlshow
Comfort Stand
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PDSTWEToo produced by Kate Seekings and Otis Fodder for dorkbot-sea Art by Harrison Boyce, Jon Knudsen and Kate Seekings Special thanks to Daniel Corcoran and Shelly Farnham Check out more information about this album on it's Comfort Stand release page . People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II and People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too - Kate Seekings The first dorkbot-sea exhibition, People Doing Strange Things With Electricity, held at Center on Contemporary Art in the...
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Topics: Ambient, Avantgarde, Electronic, Noise, Improvisation, Musique Concrete
by Adam Beebe
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Perpetual Motion Machine is Adam Beebe's first album for BedroomBrain, but only one of many in his incredibly prolific body of DIY recordings chronicling wondrously strange journeys into the dark and disturbing world of stream-of-consciousness homemade tape music.
Topic: Avantgarde
Source: BedroomBrain Records -